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不是人人説的 “Gap year 出外找回自己” 那麼簡單,我的是一個要堅持不懈慢性建築工程.

~學了很多皮毛,影相,寫遊記,自製了2個websites,3個fan pages,剪片,執相,SEO, Google analytics 等等. 以前打工時只會俾錢人做,現在發現我可以做通宵也不嫌悶!
~得到了鼓勵性的賞識, travelpop 星級旅遊達人比賽送的[峴港4D3N], 經濟日報 TOPicks 分享我的[旅人自白]
~見了很多世面,在外遊歷了6個月,去了冰島, 西班牙,葡萄牙,比利時,荷蘭,丹麥, 希臘,阿塞拜疆, 馬其頓 ,摩爾多亞,阿爾巴尼亞,土耳其,格魯吉亞,俄羅斯,愛沙尼亞,清邁。

Its been a year that I became a FULL time traveler , I have got loads of gains from this drastic switch of my profession in life . I realised some of my hidden interests/ abilities which I would have not realised if I stay in the routine office work. On my own, I have spent time on technical stuff like PS, Final cut Pro, SEO, Google analytics, which i used to outsource for effective outcome when I was on a paid job. I worked hard on building my own websites, I would have never imagine how tedious it is as I used to pay for even a font size amendment. I have travelled to 16 countries within 6 months. After all, I found… …

There are way too many things out there to learn, to see, to experience. Anything worth achieving in life requires PERSISTENCE.